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The District of Kusel

The District of Kusel is a regional authority in the southwest of Rhineland-Palatinate. The seat of the district administration is the town of Kusel, the smallest district town in Germany; The most populous municipality is the local municipality of Schönenberg-Kübelberg. A large part of the population lives in villages with less than 1000 inhabitants.
The district of Kusel is located in the North Palatinate of Bergland. The highest peaks are the Königsberg (568 m), the Potzberg (562 m) and the Selberg (546 m). The largest rivers are the Lauter and the Glan.

Mobility in the district of Kusel
Bus and train

In the District of Kusel, there are numerous other bus lines in addition to the two railway lines (Kusel – Kaiserslautern and Lauterecken – Kaiserslautern) and the two Regional lines (Kusel – Homburg and Kusel – Lauterecken – Bad Sobernheim) , so that all local communities are connected in the district to local transport. Deutsche Bahn

The district of Kusel has been part of the VRN association of transport companies Rhein-Neckar since 2006. In order to bring the passengers in the district of Kusel the availability of the ticket offer of the VRN from the single ticket to the day tickets up to the valid yearly passes.

Timetable and pricing information can be found at www.vrn.de


The taxi is the most expensive transportation option. The various taxi companies can be found at Taxiunternehmen


The Ruftaxi has a fixed timetable, but only if it has been ordered by telephone at least one hour before (telephone number on the respective timetable book page) and serves the public stops indicated in the timetable. You can use the Ruftaxi free of charge for a VRN year card (for example, an annual training card, a card from 60, a Rhein-Neckar ticket, a leisure ticket, …). All other passengers pay for the ride with the Ruftaxi according to the currently VRN rate  1.90 € or 2.30 €.


Flixbus is a cheap travel opportunity within Germany and Europe. The different destinations can be found at Flixbus

Driver's license

In order to be allowed to drive in Germany, you need a German driving license. The foreign driving license must therefore be converted into a German driving license. In this regard, please contact the responsible driving license points in the district administration Kusel. In most cases, only one German driving license will be issued if a complete theoretical and practical exam has been completed.

Cities and Municipalities
All municipalities, city / district administrations, offices, doctors or counseling centers can help you with various questions or problems at rlpDirekt – Ihre Bürgerplattform


There are clear rules for a move for each unemployed II recipient. These conditions must be complied with:

Apartment search / Apartment visit

Asylum seekers are supported in the search for accommodation by the Migration Coordinators of the Jobcenter district of Kusel (only in the transition from district administration to the jobcenter). In this case, the real estate available to the beneficiary is communicated. The beneficiaries are also supported in the case of housing visits.

Rent certificate form

In case was found an apartment by the beneficiary, the rent certificate form must be filled by the future landlord. This must then be submitted to the jobcenter. The rent certificate form includes, for example, Address, size and rental cost of the apartment. This information is checked by the jobcenter. In addition, a commitment or refusal to move is granted. A rental contract may not be signed without the consent of the jobcenter. The Rent certificate form can be requested from the Migration Coordinators.

Consent to the move

Prior to the approval of the move, a review of the adequacy of these housing costs is made. The living space, rental costs and the rent level are taken into account. If the housing costs are not appropriate, you are obliged to look for a smaller or cheaper apartment.

A rental contract may only be signed if the jobcenter agrees to the move. The consent is given by means of a notice by post.

Rental contract

A rental contract may only be signed if the Jobcenter has agreed to move. The Jobcenter District of Kusel needs a copy of a signed copy to request further applications such as housing equipment or rental deposit.

Rental deposit

If the move has been approved by the job center, the costs can be covered by the jobcenter of the new place of residence, as long as the beneficiary has previously received the consent of the jobcenter.

The rental deposit is generally granted as a loan to the beneficiary. This means that the beneficiary must repay the deposit costs monthly to the jobcenter.

Apartment basic equipment

As unemployed II recipients, there is the possibility to receive an accommodation initial equipment. This is granted on request in addition to the regulation requirement. As initial equipment, aid from the jobcenter can be used for various things which are necessary for a reasonable and appropriate household or life-time management.

This usually includes the necessary housing equipment, such as, for example, the furniture for the first own home, as well as, for example, Refrigerator, cooker or hotplate, washing machine, bed and bedlinen, towels, dishes, pots and cutlery, iron, vacuum cleaner etc.

declaration of assignment

Unemployment benefit II benefits include, in addition to the basic rate for the calculation of employer´s contribution, a claim for the accommodation costs and heating costs. These costs are included in the actual expenses and are based on the local regulations of the district of Kusel. The rent for the apartment can be paid to the beneficiary. The prerequisite is that the beneficiary only uses this payment for the rental. If this can not be guaranteed, the Jobcenter can make these payments directly to the landlord of the apartment (declaration of assignment).

Exemption of broadcasting charges GEZ

Persons are exempt from the GEZ fees if they receive the unemployment benefit II benefits. A current notice must be presented for the exemption for the GEZ. The approval letter and the GEZ form can be requested from migration coordinators.


Shops opening hours
  • Groceries: 08:00 to 20:00
  • Shops for e.g Clothes:  10:00 to about 20:00
  • Backeries open partly from 6 o’clock
  • Sundays and holidays , shops are closed
  • The opening times vary from region to region
  • In cities the shops are open longer than in the village

Social contact points

Leasure facilities

What can I do during my free time? Sports clubs, music schools, youth clubs and churches in the district of Kusel offer many leisure activities. Please contact these facilities for more information. Open this Link rlpDirekt – Ihre Bürgerplattform and type in “Kreis Kusel”.


Under this link Moschee Kusel (Landkreis) you will find addresses, contact details and opening hours from your mosque near the district of Kusel.



What to do in case of illness

The beneficiary is obligated to sign out for illness and to submit a sick report from the doctor in the jobcenter. If the beneficiary is inexcusable, a sanction can be given.

Your contacts (migration coordinators) will help you find a doctor.

Health Insurance Card

The health insurance card is an electronic chip card which the member of a health insurance company presents in case of a doctor’s visit so that the doctor can settle the treatment costs with the health insurance. When the application is submitted in the jobcenter, the data of the beneficiary are forwarded to the respective health insurance company. The health insurance company then informs the beneficiary of the next steps.

Living together

The Basic Law

The Basic Law is a binding basis for living together in Germany.
The basic law includes, for example, The following points:

  • Freedom of speech:

All human beings may form their own opinions, freely express and disseminate them. Everyone has access to all media, that means everyone can get information about all topics. Anyone expressing their opinions freely must pay attention to the protection of the personal dignity of other people.

  • Religious freedom:

There is freedom of religion in Germany. All people are free to choose their own religion and faith. The state does not prescribe to anyone whether and to what God to believe.

  • Free development of personality:

According to the basic law, every human being is a free and self-determined individual. All are equal before the law. Men and women are equally entitled. The state promotes the effective enforcement of equality between men and women and works towards the elimination of existing disadvantages. No one shall be discriminated against or favored by reason of sex, sexual orientation, descent, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, religious or political opinion. Nobody may be disadvantaged because of his disability.


Compulsory education:

The compulsory schooling in Germany is regulated by law. The school run begins for each child between 5 and 6 years and ends no later than 18 years (12 years).

The compulsory schooling ends earlier when:

  • The 10th grade of a major, secondary, comprehensive or regional school or a high school has been successfully completed.
  • The training college I or II have been successfully completed.
  • a vocational training lasting at least two years has been successfully completed.


Illegal downloads

In Germany, as a rule, all films and music titles are legally protected.

Illegal downloads of music or films from the internet can therefore very quickly result in high financial penalties. The best way to know beforehand is what is allowed and what is not.


Copying and distribution of DVDs, CDs, BluRay for commercial purposes infringes copyright laws.

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